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Watch the Bloomberg Asia TV Live Stream, in full HD, for free anytime! Bloomberg TV is the premier destination for in-depth business news so you can keep up to date on all the latest business news.

Watch Bloomberg Asia TV Online

Bloomberg Japan ceased broadcasting on April 30, 2009. The channel was then replaced by Bloomberg Asia (International). Bloomberg Japan’s Japanese language print newsroom and website continue to operate as normal. In June 2009, the Japanese service began running small on-air segments in cooperation with BS-Fuji Television.

Daily shows

  • Bloomberg Daybreak Australia with Betty Liu (New York) and Haidi Lun (Sydney)
  • Bloomberg Daybreak Asia with Yvonne Man (Hong Kong) and Betty Liu (New York)
  • Bloomberg Markets Asia with Shery Ahn, David Ingles, Haidi Lun, Rishaad Salamat and Angie Lau

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